When gravitation turns into a death trap

 A panorama of a mass extinction

Suppose that the  gravitation àon Earth instead of being unchanged during  5 billions years, changed, suddenly several times! The value of G changed like the energy of an electron during electron quantum jumps.
These jumps should be relative to great extinctions!

65 millions years ago dinosaurs disppeared when G changed!
Dinosaurs disappeared because their metabolism is unable to adapt the new situation.

If you suppose gravity was lighter during the age of dinosaurs you can give solutions to problems, unsolved until today. the pteranodon's flight,  the impossible walk of diplodocus,  gigantism of the age of dinosaurs.



Why did land reptiles stay alive:
...when birds took off.
Contrary to flying reptiles!
About sea animals:
Insects and arachnids:
About trees and plants:
What about us ( the mammals)?


Why did land reptiles stay alive:
These reptiles stayed alive only because they appeared before dinosaurs.
Reptiles appeared in an epoch when gravitation was more important than during the age of dinosaurs.
After that, dinosaurs have been able to "take off" when gravitation became lighter.But reptiles didn't disappear.  They were able to live with a lighter gravitation, but they were less agile than dinosaurs, they let dinosaurs became the rulers!
And when the gravitation increased, 65 millions years ago, dinosaurs disappeared but reptiles stay alive, able to endure this "catastrophe"!
Never mind, the size of dinosaurs and reptiles. All dinosaurs died, nearly all reptiles survived! We understand now why gallimimus ( 27 kg ) or wannanosaurus ( 60 cm ) died, when big crocodiles survived!

We have the key to understand the biggest problem existing around dinosaurs' disappearance!!

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...when birds took off.
The survival of birds is due to two main reasons:

1st/ Morphologically, birds are especially "made as light as possible" to be able to flight. Their body is not a dense one.
That's why it will be easier to them to bear an increase of Earth's gravity. Easier than that it will be for dinosaurs...

2nd/  As a paradox this increase of the gravity will make the fly of the bird easier than before!
The atmosphere becoming heavier, it will become denser, near the soil., the lift of birds will become better!
It is now easier to fly for them and especially...to glide too.

Birds are going to take advantage of this situation, conquering the sky and even more!
Look around you, in the cities, in the country, lots of animals you can observe are birds!

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Contrary to flying reptiles!
Flyong reptiles are a special case! Like birds they are not dense.
But, contrary to land reptiles - tortoises and crocodiles - they appeared during the Age of Dinosaurs, so, like them, they are adapted to a low gravity. They were going to become the victims of two phenomenons.

1st/ The gravity. Gravity, during the Age of Dinosaurs, was lighter than today, so the lift of any flying animal was ligther than today. As a consequence, to be able to fly, flying reptiles needed giant wings, so they needed to be giant. Exactly what they were! But this advantage is going to become, a disadvantage after the gravity's increase, because of...the wind!

2nd/ The wind! This wind, which is so familiar to us is going to end their days! Wind, as we know it nowadays,  is a consequence of the climate change started by...the new gravity! Contrary to birds who are small and strong, flying reptiles are huge and...fragile. These animals are too feeble to bear normal winds! Except very feeble winds, each wind is going to fall them down or worse...to tear them!

One of my readers, Laurie Tait, explains us "considered that the membranous wings of pterosaurs are far more easily torn by high winds and crash-landings than the relatively robust feathered wings of birds. This inabilty to sustain injury is one of the primary reasons why modern bats have very rarely developed the ground feeding habits of birds. This point alone could account for the reason why even the small pterosaurs (many of them smaller than modern flying birds) never survived ".

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About sea animals:

The increase of gravity will lower the sea levels - water being more compressed is staying more than before into subterranean reservoirs - . Sea resources are going to be redistributed.
Food chain will be totally changed.
Water is now heavier. Global volume of fresh available water, under low pressure, will decrease.Animals living inside will have
a more difficult life. That's why lots of sea reptiles, and only sea reptiles not other reptiles! are going to disappear. Lots of seaweed
species and sea animals are going to die too.
But sharks used to deep water will be able to stay alive, except too big sharks victims of the perturbation of food chain and/or
a too big increase of their own weight they can't bear.
The great majority of sharks will survive...until today.

About that problem, Laurie Tait writes us: "As far as the giant sea creatures (icthyosaurs, kronosaurs etc) I wouldn't assume that a change in food supply would be needed to kill them. In the oceans gravitational effects could be even more drastic than on the land, since water pressures increase far more rapidly with depth than air pressure. The sea-going reptiles were obligate air breathers. Modern sea-turtles dive to great depths to obtain food but are able to do so in part because they can 'breathe' by pumping water through their cloaca. When they re-surface they must do it slowly to avoid decompression sickness (the bends). If water pressures were to increase then they would re-surface too fast and die. If the sea-going reptiles of the past 'breathed' underwater in a similar manner they would suffer the same problems. Added to this whales and dolphins have special mechanisms within their airways to prevent them collapsing under the huge pressures encountered at depth. If gravity were to increase these would probably fail and the creatures would suffocate. Similar problems would certainly be encountered by sea-going reptiles of the past."

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Insects and arachnids:
( Arachnids are principally spiders and scorpions, often confused wrongly with insects. )

These animals were born a long time before dinosaurs, they are used to the high gravity which existed when these species appeared.
So when gravity will re-increase 65 millions years ago, they won't have any problem.
We even can explore, here, new ways. As arachnids are able to support a very high gravity, more more important than today's one.
 We can imagine that gravity on Earth, when these animals appeared several hundreds of millions years ago, gravity was clearly more important
than today. Gravity has  probably taken several different values, since Earth's birth.

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About trees and plants: 
The feeble gravity which prevailed during the Age of Dinosaurs authorized the existence of giant plants and giant trees.  Now, gravity has increased and there are none left. If the meteorite hypothesis were right, they should have appeared again after the dispersal of the clouds - the clouds generated by the explosion of the meteorite -  . They weren't reborn because gravity has increased, and now gravity does not authorize such giant plants and trees.

This is the point of view of one of our readers, Randall MacMurphy: " Gravity has an effect on the trees and their height... In an environment where G was heigher, trees became -grew-  lower... So only young animals - herbivorous - were able to find feed... Adult animals - old enough to procreate - had lots of difficulties to find the tons of feed they needed each day... Some trees ( feed of great herbivores ) the "heighest ones"  weren't replaced with anything provoking a starvation and due to that, dinosaurs' disappearance became more pronounced..."

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What about us ( the mammals)?
Because of  their warm blood, they had proportionally more energy than dinosaurs. Because of this energy and their small size - remember the biggest mammals were smaller than the smallest dinosaur - they'll be able to survive and conquer the planet beside birds.

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