The asymmetrical Universe

the mirror's other side.


Contrairement à ce qui est présupposé, plus ou moins implicitement, dans tous les modèles actuels de la physique à la base de la cosmologie
Contrary to an assumption of  nearly all today's cosmological models, our Universe is not a symmetrical one! Neither the Universe's stuff nor the Universe's physical laws are symmetrical!

Chien Sung Wu's experiment has proved it since 1956! This has been confirmed several times since that date/

Matter/anti-matter symmetry has been broken! like the mirror symmetry! See our link-pages.

That means that the energy- conservation laws of the Universe are not excatly true!
There does exist a little break in them! This break is invisible in every day's life, but important on a cosmological scale!

In the Universe, energy appears constantly, the total quantity of energy which does exist in the Universe is linked to the universal constants!
That's why, they, and especially our old friend G, are changing!

One of our readers, Gilles Peyret, writes us:

 "The presence of anisotropies, isn't the asymmetry one of the fiundemantal properties of the Univers? Has the perfect isotropy, the perfect symmetry ever existed because intabilities has made the appearance of something possible. Aren't they, themselves a part of the Space, so they haven't to come from outside,  they are  inherent in the principle of transformation? The "something" has always had irregularities, without any necessary cause.

It supposes that the law of energy-conservation is not exact ( even if the difference equals a ten billionth of mouse's hair! ), and that we are unable to measure it with today's technologies. New energies always appear ( it's what Fred Hoyle says ) and never disappear. So the universal constants have to vary!!! ".

The broken symmetry...


So we do agree, that the existence of symmetry in the Universe is not necessary! It has not been proved. It's not necessary to use it as a basis of our Universe's knowledge, especially when expirements show that it doesn't exist.

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