Our theory is a recent one, supporters of it are...rare!
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First, these are two sites explaining why dinosaurs should be unable to live with today's gravity:

About the unbelievable Brachiosaurus' heart's weight ( 400 kg ):

Yahoo has dedicated a whole category to dinosaur extinction:

Three sites are especially intersting, they describe the "common" explanations:  - This site is especially pleasant -

A zoom:

If you want to vote for an explanation!

Theories about dinosaurs' extinction, based on a change of gravity:


About G and its possible variability: - this site seems to be the most recent one - - the search of a probe... in the Sun -. 

About Gershteyn's experiment and variability of G according to your direction in Space:

About the variation, in time, of another ex-Universal Constant, c, the velocity of speed in the vacuum

Panorama of gravitation theories allowing a variation of G
What Louis Nielsen  has written, a subtle theory about a possible variation of G  during the Universe's History.
This theory is compatible with our theory.
Louis Nielsen writes us:
"According to my quantum cosmological theory the general COSMIC gravitation
is DECREASING with the age of the universe.
But my physical and UNITON-mechanical theory gives an explanation of
gravitational forces. According to my uniton theory, gravitational forces
are a result of collisions between UNITONS. (The UNITON is the smallest
energy-/matter quantum in the universe. The UNITON is the true atom! Please
see my treatise.)
 The LOCAL value of the gravitational  'constant' G is determined  by the
LOCAL uniton-density. And may be the uniton-density in our solar system has
changed up and down  in time (like variable low and high pressure in the
atmosphere), resulting in an up and down value of G ! "

Another panorama of other "heretic theories" about gravitation ( this site is in french ):

The surprising theory of the expanding Earth:

About the Universe's asymmetr


How gravity has been able to increase on Earth, due to accumlation of cosmic dusts.

How gravity and electro-magnetism may be linked ( basis of the electro-gravitational hypothesis )

About recent experiments proving that gravity on Earth is not immutable
(Podkletnov Experiment):  - This site is entirely dedicated to Podkletnov's experiment

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