The Gravitational Hypothesis.

65 millions years ago, one thing, only one thing changed upon the Earth: the G constante.
This constant is the most studied by physicists, but the least known too!

During the age of dinosaurs, gravitation on Earth was lighter than today.
All objects and living being were lighter.

 65 millions years ago, suddenly, the gravitation increased..

Dinosaurs, became too heavy, unable to adapt, they died.
On the contrary, mammals, powerful and agile, in spite of their little size will survive!
Reptiles survived too because they appeared long long time ago when gravitation was more important than during Dinosaurs' age.
Birds survived too, because the augmentation of gravitation made the atmosphere more heavy, as a paradox it was easier for birds to flight.


Remember what said physicists from Newton to Einstein: Time is imutable, Time is the same everywhere, Einstein proved it was false.

Today we build the same hypothesis for gravitation. Gravitation is not immutable, gravitational constant G  is simply not...a  constante. This "constante" changed during past time! Some scientists soon saw that way, but they cancelled it, at wrong!
Dirac thought to it, during the year 1937.  But he imagined a smooth change of G, instead of a sudden change, like in our theory!
Some Universal "Constants" are obviously...not constant:

For instance, c, the light velocity in the vacuum seems to decrease with time! Contrary to what everyone of us has thought until today! Recent measurements prove it.
To anxious people: notice that these results are compatible with the theory of relativity!

We have definitely no proof asserting that G doesn't vary!

Neither in Time...

Our measurements of the gravitational constant G are not sufficiently accurate to be sure that G is a constant. The absolute value of G is only known at the level of 1E-3( see our links page  ) .
G is very weak comparatively to electro-magnetic or nuclear forces, in experimental conditions, i.e. with little distances. That's why it's very difficult to know its exact value with a good accuracy.
If the value of G changes of one ten-thousandth each century - that means an undetectable change ten times too small to be seen by our today's tools!  - , in 65 millions years G is able to be divided or multiplied by...65!

- And even if G hasn't changed for thousands of years it shouldn't prove G hasn't changed 65 millions years ago! G may change suddenly! like landscapes during Earthquakes! or like the electron during a quantum jump.
The behaviour of G may be the same than the electron's behaviour.

...nor in Space.

- It's simply impossible that G has the same value everywhere in the Space.

If so, lots of planets which have been discovered around other stars could not...exist. If G has the same value where these planets stay, these planets should be very close to their star, and due to powerful star-winds, they should be...evaporated! - Big planets are made of gazes -

Wheightier : it has been showed that value of G changes according to your orientation in the Universe!
This is the results of remarkable works of Mikhail Gershteyn, published in september 2002, after an experimentation which took place in Moscow.

G invariability is a myth!

We have clues indicating that G has changed.

The demonstration explaining us that dinosaurs should have been unable to live under today's gravity ( see interesting arguments about that in our links ) or the water which has evaporated from Mars, probably when gravity decreased! are some of these clues!

So what happened:

Gravitation hasn't been immutable on Earth during five billions years..
The gravitational constant G  has changed
Sometimes G has had a high value, sometimes G has had a low value!

These changes are authorized by several theories which explain the Universe's structure :
the superstrings' theory
the Brans-Dicke scalar-tensor theory,
  the Q uantum Cosmology theory of Louis Nielsen,
or other theories.

Before 240 millions years ago, when reptiles appeared, the gravitation was nearly the same than today.
240 millions years ago; the gravity ( G ) decreased.
Dinosaurs appeared. Adapted to a light  gravity, these animals where able to become huge. They became the rulers of the planet when
reptiles went on crawling with difficulty beside the giant dinosaurs.
65 millions years ago, Gravitation ( G ) suddenly increased.
Dinosaurs unable to adapt disappeared; reptiles able to adapt stay alive.


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