Dinosaurs' end,
the Gravitational Hypothesis

En français.

by F.Malmartel

Last update march 2005.

Problem's terms:

Problems' terms are well known: 65 millions years ago,  dinosaurs suddenly died.
These animals have been lords of the Earth during more than 200 millions years.
Their supremacy was uncontested...until they disappear in a few years!
Why and how?
Why, only some animals - and plants too -, like dinosaurs disappear? when mammals, birds, insects and above all lots of reptiles stay alive!
Why do dinosaurs disappear all at once?

Several explanations...

All sorts of explanations have been made to explain dinosaurs' end:: epidemic,climate change, competition with mammals
volcanic explosion. The most hare-brained one, beloved by the media being:: the meteorite one.

All wrongs!

He is the weak side of all these hypotheses:

Why will he stay alive when his cousins die?

No one of these theories is able to explain why only dinosaurs disappear, when in the same time more weak, more primitive animals like reptiles do survive!

Why do gallimimus ( 27 kg ) or wannanosaurus ( 60 cm ) - disappear when big crocodiles and sharks do survive?

We don't see why a climate change, a feed rarefaction, should be fatal to little dinosaurs and not to great white shark!

All these "in vogue" hypotheses about dinosaurs' extinction are unable to say why fish, insects  and above all reptiles survived!

Lots of problems stay unsolved with these hypotheses, especially how such giant animals could have been able to exist. Why no other giant land animal has ever lived since dinosaurs' extinction? We will give an original solution to that problem here.

How to get a solution?

Today's hypotheses can't explain why only dinosaurs disappear, so we have to build a new hypothesis!
To do that, we will respect the following laws:

1/  Our hypothesis must be a simple one!
    The more simple is the hypothesis, the more realistic it is.
2/ Our hypothesis musn't be a weird one!
     No little green men, no flying saucers!
3/ Our hypothesis must explain why only dinosaurs disappear when reptiles stay alive!
    It's the aim of our hypothesis!

Let us take the problem from the begining!

Scientists have the presentiment of the truth since the begining! Dinosaurs disappeared because they were too heavy!

Too heavy!!!


Too heavy to move quiclky, too heavy to find feed easily!
Ted Holden gives us a brilliant demonstration, see  his page in our links.

But before this fateful date: 65 millions years B.C., dinosaurs weren't too heavy!!
They gamboled happily, they were the rulers of the Earth!!

65 millions years ago, suddenly dinosaurs became too heavy!
Nothing had been changed in their anatomy. Just their weight changed!
How can we explain this paradox? The solution is the  Gravitational Hypothesis.

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