This site has been possible thanks to....

Stars and galaxies are made with  UNIVERSE
Our kind Raptor with its poses is made with POSER4

The triceratops comes from ZYGOTE

The background was made with DEDICATED DIGITAL 's Tyrannosaurus;
the picture being transfromed by CORELDRAW

Volcanoes, landscapes and some skies are made with BRYCE4

Raptors' accesories are made either from RAYDREAM 5
either are taken on Internet ( with some raptor poses ) from kind people who accept to share their works for free...
I am sorry if I don't remember each of their names...
Thank You especially to RENDEROSITY, the place where I got most of them.

Thank You especially to Debra ROSS for her kindness and...this little mammal:

And this site has been written with NETSCAPE EXPLORER

And great thanks to people who accepted to read my work even when  it was... to criticize it.

Special thanks  to:

Jennifer and Joseph Lazio,
Louis Nielsen,
Laurie Tait,
 Randall MacMurphy
and Gilles Peyret

whose helps have been precious.

Thank you to all people who have accepted to reference my site,
your visit has been possible only thanks to them.

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