They have appreciated:


"This site is actually well done, and this theory was missing in the long list of known hypotheses. We will talk about it in a next edition. "
Maryse Guez, redaction of

- One of the main european scientist magazines - in french - -

"Cheers for the bold and the quality of the informatics works."

Patrice D., ex-scientist of the CNRS - French Official Scientific Research Agency -.

and AWARD:

Thanks Mélissa and Mélodie!

"The Gravitational Hypothesis is by far the most serious one."

Philippe M.

"Discovering your site, I was first surprised,
your theory explaining that dinosaurs died
because they were too heavy left me first cold.
I saw there a resurgence of old theories
according to which dinosaurs were big clumsy
animals unadapted to life.
Your demonstration  happily changed my mind.
Fond of dinosaurs I believed in the meteorite-theory."

Michaël C.

"This is a well-done site. Full of original ideas."


"Thank you for this new theory about dinosaurs' extinction.
That's true.
This is an entirely new theory."

Pierre G.

"Your demonstration was very intersting.
Till cheers for your site: I'll go back to it very often!"

Tomoko N.

"Your site is very interesting, and I thank you for this visit"

Anne-Laure L.

"Your site is well done and well illustrated. Informations are there clearly showed."

Andréane B.

"Congratulations for this site.(..) An explanation to a question I have been wondering for so long time. (...) very detailed explanations (...).
                          At last a graphism which turn green with envy other quite nice sites about dinosaurs.
Hats off to You, Sir !"

François C.

And even a (girl)(1) fan...

"I adore your site and your wonderful photographies"

Signed: Your fan who is adoring you

...who doesn't belong to my family!

(1)The french word for "fan" is different for boys and for girls.

Children too:

"Hello, My name is P-T D. and I am 9.
I believe in the Gravitational Hypothesis."

"I find your your demonstration is very successful and  I encourage you to go on."
E.C.  ,10 years old."

"I would like to thank you for having this web site avaialble for the public
view. My 6 years old son is so in to dinosaures that he loves to look at your
web page almost everyday."

And through the world:

"Very interesting, in fact I have e-mailed your site to several others.
Yours is the most intelligent theory I have read to date and lacks the
obvious 'holes' that the disease, climate and meteor theories all have in
Please keep your site updated whenever possible. "

M. K.

"Frederic, My hats off to you sir!
I enjoyed your site immensely, what a refreshing theory to the extinction of
the dinosaurs."

Pete R.

I visited your page. It is very impressive.

Jack H.

Very interesting.

Rob H.


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