Strange consequences of a gravity reduction...

by F.Malmartel


On the solar system:

The face of the solar system will change, due to a lighter gravity, Earth will move away from the Sun - with the decrease of G, the force attracting the Earth and the Sun becoming lighter -. The length of the year will be lengthened, like the length of the day.  But it won't be the only change, the Sun itself is going to change, the Sun is going to become greater, because of the decrease of gravity force contracting it.

A bigger Sun will give more energy  to the Earth, in a more stable state than today, this will largely compensate the loss of energy received on the Earth due to the greater distance between Earth and Sun.



Situation with a lighter gravity,
Sun is bigger than today, Earth is more distant from the Sun than today.
Situation during the Age of dinosaurs.


Sun was bigger and colder - on its surface - than today. So, Sun was more stable, there were less change in Sun activity, the climate was more stable on the Earth than nowaday. Remember that during the Age of dinosaurs, there was nearly... no wind! - it has been proved that pteranodons were unable to fly with winds -, nor difference in temperatures between seasons.
The climate was warmer too than today, because of the size of the Sun.


Situation with a today's gravity,
Sun is smaller, Earth is closer to the Sun.
Situation during the Age of reptiles
( before and after Age of dinosaurs ).


Situation on the Earth

The magma is less attracted by the center of the Earth, due to that feeble attraction, we observe a renowal of volcanism...


...exactly what happened during dinosaurs' period!

Q.E.D. once more, once more!

Tidal effects...


One result of a low gravity must be a reduce of tide, the same time dinosaurs would have had higher seas...
It seems the level of the seas has decreased since the Age of dinosaurs...

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