When Jurassic Parc kills dinosaurs in cold blood, the impossible hypothesis of the warm-blooded dinosaur.

    Quickly paleontologists understood that the big reptiles ( "dinosaur" means big reptile in greek ) where unable to live, they were too heavy . As people
didn't imagine to change their weight  ( except may be Dirac, and us! changing the value of gravitational constant G  ) people looked for a new energy for
dinosaurs! Changing the cold-blooded animal into a warm-blooded was smart! Becoming stronger! the dinosaur became able to live in spite of his

  This revolutionary hypothesis ends in triumph in the film " Jurassic Parc". I say "ends" because scientist are now giving it up!-

Dinosaurs, expect the "lates" and last ones ( may be? ), were primitive animals! Warm-blooded animals appeared long after dinosaurs! It's a problem of
chronology! And if dinosaurs should have been warm-blooded animalas why do little dinosaurs, like compsognathus died and not little mammals?
We have no answer to this awful question!

This compsognathus if he were warm-blooded should have survive, like mammals  to the great extinction, accoding to classical theories explaining
dinosaurs' extinction.

The great majority of dinosaurs were cold-blooded animals.

The hypothesis of a low gravity can explain why and how these animals were able to be alive and why and how they disappeared and why and how other
animals didn't disappear; without contradiction with chronology ( warm blooded animals appearing too soon ! ) and without ridiculous hypothesis ( like
the supposition that the diplodocus had to live only in water! ).

Our hypothesis is the right one, no other hypothesis is possible!

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