When Science reachs its limits...

The impossible genesis of atoms...

by F.Malmartel

From where does come today's matter ?


The official thinking:

During the "genesis", just after the Big-Bang took place, the lonely existing atoms were the simple ones. That means atoms containing only
one or two protons or neutrons - atoms, in their core are made of proton(s) and neutron(s) -: hydrogen and helium.
But we are not made of only hydrogen and helium; we are made of carbon, iron etc... These atoms are more complex than hydrogen and helium they contain more than one or two protons and neutrons.
How were iron, carbon and other complex atoms generated according to "Official thinking"?
Hydrogen and Helium atoms created by the Big-Bang gathered in stars. We call these stars made from only hydrogen and helium "First generation stars" .Around these stars, no planet made of other matter than hydrogen or helium, only Hydrogen and Helium were existing!
In these  "First generation stars", carbon, iron etc...atoms were created. The stars exploded. Complex atoms (iron, carbon etc...) scattered
through space!
And then complex atoms gathered again in "Second Generation Stars and planets" made of...complex atoms: iron, carbon, etc...like us!
We were born on such "second generation planet".
What's wrong ?

The problem is the second  law of Thermodynamics!
The entropy of an isolated system can only increase!

What does it mean?

First generation stars have produced complex atoms - iron, carbon etc...-, exploding, they scattered these elements everywhere in the cosmos in very different directions! With very high speed! May be close to light speed.
How these atoms scattered, in such a way, everywhere through the universe could gather again?
We need a miracle here!
Usually after an explosion, bits of the bomb, the balloon, etc...scatter and don't gather.

Our solution:

To gather these scattered little atoms we need a source of energy, able to radiate far away in the Universe....only one has such properties:
Gravity! But if gravity was unable to hold back atoms after the explosion, it can't hold them back long after.
The solution: The gravity must have been changed, increased a time after the explosions, and then bacame able to hold back the complex
atoms to form stars and planets again!

We must admit again that gravity, G, the gravitationnal constant has changed during the past.
The necessary change of G is not the same one that produced dinosaur extinction, it seems G has changed several times during the story of the universe; our hypothesis explaining one great extinction with a change of G, may be just the begining of  a great work proving that may be G has oscillated during the Universe history? Is G today the same anywhere in the universe...we can't be sure of it.

Illustrated explanation...         Another proof, the wearing paradox.

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