or why G, the gravitational constant...
HAS TO vary.


By  F.Malmartel

If you make the following assumption:" At the date XXXXX the value of G, the gravitational constant, changes".
You must naturally wonder: "How will the new value of G be known through the
"How the information, for instance: <<New value of G is now, say 5,089*10-10 instead of 6,672*10-11 >>
will travel through Universe?"
The answer is: " No faster than lightspeed"!

What if G doesn't change?
Saying that "Today G doesn't change" is as information as saying "today G

How can each particle of the universe, owner of a mass, have the right
information about the value of G.

- Either you suppose there is one information transmitted simultaneously
everywhere in the Universe saying:
"Hey, today, G has the same value than yesterday".
But we know it's impossible to give this information simultaneously every
second, every billionth of second etc..., to the
whole Universe. If you suppose such a thing, you accept that an information
can travle faster than light!

"Either everybody knows the new value of G simultaneously..."

- Either you imagine lots of "waves" of informations always traveling
continuously through the Universe, these "waves"
containing the information " Hey, Now the value of is the same than

"Either everyone waits its turn to know the new value of  G..."

Of course, we notice that these waves must contain all basic informations
about our physics, not only G, but the light velicoty
in the vacuum too, elctrical charge of the electron....etc...etc..."

Now, what happen in a big big network, when you transmit lots of
informations, during long long time....
after a time (short or long), the information is...corrupted, changed!

You see what I mean about basics informations like speed-light,
gravitational constant G etc...

- Either we accept these informations are ALWAYS known in EACH part of the
universe; and we accept that
information can travel faster than light: forbidden!

- Either we accept these informations are carried at light speed ( as a
maximum speed ) by "waves", "particles", or other means,
through the Universe with all risks of corruption attached to transport....

Understood? Isn't it annoying?

Consequences in astronomy...

If G has changed in the whole Universe, say 65 millions years ago, you must see stars ( or rather galaxies ) 65.000.000 lightyears from here having the gravity we had 65 millions years ago. In fact, it may be possible, because as far as galxies are as far as they are different from our own galaxy.

But there does exist two situations where you can't observe that:

1/ If G changes only in  a little part of the Universe.

There does exist at least one model of Universe, in which such a variation is possible;
According to Quantum Cosmology, such a variation is possible, G depends on the density of Unitons,
- Uniton is the smallest energy-/matter quantum existing in the Universe -; and Uniton density
may change up and down in time, like variable low and high pressure in the atmosphere.

2/ The propagation of G goes backward in time.

In every case if G changes from time to time in parts of the Universe, we must find clues to that changes...
Clues like different existing forms of tha galaxies....