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All critics are welcome, because answering it oblige us to think!, to consider new consequences of our theory, and due to them we discover new ways to explore..

Don't hesitate to criticize me, write me!

These are the main points:

Other extinctions and survivals
About the theory itself
Other possible consequences of the theory at other moments
Is the meteorite-hypothesis proved?
Are the Gravitational Hypothesis and other theories not compatible?



- "Why would dinosaurs, unlike mammals, be unable to survive a change in the earths gravitational field; the proportion of muscle power of
dinosaur/mammal size:muscle is equal, with this in mind, all animals would  have been affected equally ?."

Differences between animals who appeared in a world of a low gravity (  dinosaurs ) and  in a world of high gravity (  reptiles and big mammals ) is not only their proportion of muscle. Difference concern all their metabolism. For instance we can observe, with cosmonauts who staid in a world of zero gravity during several months, change in their skeletons ( they began higher! ). We can suppose the size of the heart of the dinosaur was more little than what it would be with today's gravity. We can suppose the composition of their blood was different..etc...the composition, the structure of their muscles was probably very different.

- "Is the discovery of a fossilized heart of dinosaur in the USA compatible with your hypothesis?"

Of course! This discovery - if there's no mistake there, in the article, the scientists write about " something in the thoracic cavity that resembled a heart " - proves that dinosaurs' heart were made like birds' heart. And we know that such an heart, belonging to a diplodocus,  should be unable to bear Today's gravity, unable to run because of its weight: 400kg!

- " If Diplodocus was unable to hold himself erected, what were his claws made for?"

Certainly Diplodocus was unable to climb trees up like a tom cat! Lots of scientists now believe he was unable to erect his neck vertically!
So if his claws weren't used to avoid him to slide, they were perhaps used to dig in the soil, to look for feed or roots.


- "there is no evidence that the dinosaurs died out suddenly because of a catastrophe"

This argument is interesting because if it is true, it definitely forbids us to believe in the meteorite hypothesis! On the contrary, it's possible that the value of G changed more than one time. But, in fact, it seems true that dinosaurs died suddenly.

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-  "Reptiles survived too because they appeared long long time ago when gravitation was more important than during Dinosaurs' age."
  -- This is interesting for two reasons, a theory that has a bias to the (historical) importance of gravitational pull. And for the fact that any
change in the gravitational field so big that it can cause dinosaurs to die, would also have possible implications to cause a climate change (tides,
volcanoes, clouds).

It seems that the change of gravity had other consequences on the Earth...and around the Earth too. Due to this question, we have had a glance on some other consequences of a change  gravity. Some cosmological models accept the idea of a change of the gravitational constant G during Univere's history.


I often find the following objection:- "it is no evidence that the G-constant actually changed"

I could answer of course: "There is no evidence G has not changed!". But I believe there does exist clues which indicate that G has changed. Remember that dinosaurs couldn't bear today's gravity, they would be unable to live under today's gravity ( see my links page ) . This is an indirect proof.
Clues do exist in astronomy too. What about water which existed on Mars? It's plausible that this water disappeared because of a change in gravity in the Solar system. Remember that sea levels were higher during dinosaurs age. With a lighter gravity, it's normal that sea levels are higher. Remember that not only dinosaurs were giant, lots of species of plants, insects etc... were giant; all these giant species have now disappeared and... no one has reappeared! Only a change in gravity can explain that! Gravity is now too high to authorize the existence of giant insects!
During the dinosaurs age, Gravity was light enough to authorize gigantism.

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-  "Birds survived too, because the augmentation of gravitation made the atmosphere more heavy, as a paradox it was easier for birds to flight."
 (...) if the force of gravity grew, then a small (or large) bird, would have a more difficult time flying due to the fact that it would have to have more beats per second of its wing in order to fly the same amount of distance as in a lesser gravity enviroment.

This critic is founded, it will more difficult for a bird to beat its wings with a higher gravity! But the bird is goind to glide in the atmosphere more easily too. The lift of the air will be better. Exactly the same way,  we feel us "lighter" when we are in water, even if the gravity there is the same than on the soil!
So, the bird after the "catastrophe" which took place 65 millions years ago will beat its wings more rarely and..glide more frequently. So, staying in the air will be less...tiring!


- Some  " reptiles which survived the dinosaurs appeared during the Mesozoic, that is when the dinosaurs existed" .

Of course, lots of species ( not all! ) always go on evolving, trying to be adapted as well as possible to their surroundings; but even if they go on evolving, reptiles stay adapted, during dinosaurs age to a high gravity like their ancestors, contrary to dinosaurs. Reptiles kept the main characteristics of reptiles. Among these characteristics of reptiles does exist the ability to endure a gravity as strong as today's gravity. little evolutions in reptiles species don't change these main characteristics!


- "Large marine reptiles also died at the end of the Mesozoic Era. They would not have been affected by changes in gravity."

What is interesting there is that...only large reptiles disappeared. These animals were probably too much connected to dinosaurs in the food chain. Of course, dinosaurs' extinction has had effects on other animals especially big animals who had to eat other...big animals. And... the only big animals who were existing were...dinosaurs. We can suppose too, that contrary to crocodiles or tortoises, these animals went on evolving and were adapted to a low gravity, their giant size tends to prove that...

- "your theory does not really cover the full range of extinctions, in that you concentrate on the dinosaurs to the exclusion of all else."

Absolutely not. We concentrate on dinosaurs without forgetting other species: died and survival species! It seems that all species adapted to a light gravity disappeared 65 millions years ago and not only dinosaurs. But they weren't the lonely victim species. Species linked by the food chain to condamend species disappeared too.


- "(...) species who survived were only lucky. They were in the right place at the right time(...) They survived simply because they lived in protected places, far away from the cataclysm and its consequences. "

Definitively false! There existed dinosaurs, or sentenced-to-death species like flying or giant reptiles,  in every place upon the Earth. A catastrophe, like the Meteorite one should have spared some dinosaurs,  flying or giant reptiles, or other sentenced-to-death species. We know that didn't happened.
We had to look for a force which acts EVERYWHERE, this force is the gravitation. Chance may exist for one animal, if pushed, for one species. But for hundreds, thousands of species, Chance doesn't count. It's the law of statistics!

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- "If your theory is correct, why has nobody  imagined it before you?"

I am not the first one to imagine that the gravitation has changed during the Cosmos' history. Alas for me, Dirac has had that idea before!
I am not the first one who has imagined that the dinosaurs' extinction is due to a change of gravity on the Earth - see my links page -.
But it is true that this site is the first one where we imagine that the change of the gravitational constant G is responsible for dinosaurs' - and other plants and animals - death. So why do such ideas about gravity stay marginal?

This theory breaks a taboo! Scientists need their marks! They need stable and permanent marks! Like all other people.
For instance time, which pass regularly has been such a mark until...Einstein's works!
It has been recently proved that the velocity of speed in the vacuum: c, has - and goes on - decreased during the Cosmos' history.
Why should the gravitational constant stay unchanged, when all other marks - c, and the Time-pass for instance - change?

Accepting that G is able to change is accepting to break a taboo. It has been something difficult to do and... to accept too!

- "Your  theory makes the Universe more complex. You add an unknown quantity: the value of G and its changes along the Universe's history.".

My theory is not complex. The basic idea is a simple one: G has changed. You can say it with a little sentence!  But the consequences of that idea are in large numbers! New ways of research are such open! Like with any correct theory! Newton's Universe was more complex than the medieval Universe, when the Earth was supposed to be flat! Yet Newton's ideas were simple. And Einstein's Universe is more complex too, than Newton's Universe; actually lots of new and very strange objects have appeared in that Universe, like black-holes, totally ignored before.

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- During the Quaternary, some mammals too, became giant. Is it possible that this gigantism was due to another variation of the gravity?
Is it thinkable, in the line of your theory, that other variations of the gravity on the Earth, can explain the appearance of several lifeforms as well as their extinction?

- Yes, it is! At each geological age, there existed a different "maximal possible" size for living animals.
We could say the same thing for plants. The maximum size of living animals depends on the strength of the gravity they "suffer"!
The more the gravity is important, the more the maximum possible size of animals - and plants too - is small!
In the water, the effects of gravity are reduced by water-pressure. That's why the biggest animals living in the oceans, blue whales,  are strongly bigger than the biggest animals living outside of seas and oceans.
That's why, probably, at the begining of the Quaternary Age, gravity on the Earth, was lighter than today.

- "What could be today, the consequences of a change of the gravitation ?"

Gravity is a stress!
If it decreases, it's not a problem for us - and for nearly any living being too -!
If your weight is reduced, it's not a problem for you! Am I wrong, madam?
On the contrary if your weight increases, it's a problem for you, especially if you are big!
For instance, imagine that the gravity is increased fivefold. Human beings should be sentenced to death! A man of 80kg can't bear 400kg all along the day! He should be unable to support a weight of 400kg! I am not sure a crocodile will die if his weight quintuples! Look at a crocodile, he is "designed" for a heavy weight! And I am sure an ant would have no problem if its weight was quintupled! It is able to bring more than five times its weight!

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- "We can prove that a meteorite hit the Earth, 65 millions years ago, we have found the crater and a lawyer of iridium. Isn't it the proof that the meteorite hypothesis is the right one, and then that your hypothesis is wrong? "

- Definitely not! The proof that a meteorite hit the Earth 65 millions years ago is not the proof this meteorite has killed dinosaurs!
If I visit my mother-in-law, friday at 6.30 p.m. and if she's killed the same day at 6.35 p.m., the proof I visited her is not the proof I killed her! Lots of miscarriages of justice are due to too hastly decisions!
Looking for the "Cretaceous Murderer" let us try to avoid such mistakes!

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- "May be the truth is a mixture of several changes. A change of gravity, a decrease of temperature and a move of the Earth's Axis?".

- Let's be careful. The probability that such different events take place at the same time is low, except...if some events are consequences of another one. A increase of G, has probably changed the climate, the air becoming heavier, and has changed the volcanism too. But, in all cases, the trigger, the first event is the change of gravity.

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