Philosophical digression
When Dinosaur serves our image of God
    Science like philosophy, litterature or politics depends on the main spread ideas existing. Science is linked to the way we see the world.
Lots of people especially in the Western world have a christian way of seeing the world!

Christianity says:

-  Man is the center of the Universe. ( There exist religions with a different point of view ).
-  Man's birth was an extraordinary and unique event.

The most fashioned theory explaining dinosaurs' extcinction - meteorite theory - agrees with this christian point of view.
The explosion of a meteorite is a "earthling" event! A unique one.
So, Man's birth, due to dinosaurs extinction is a unique event! Man is unique. This is a "christian" idea.

If we suppose that  gravitational constant G changes from time to time.
We must admit that this event is not unique. There are, and there have been lots of great extinctions through the universe.
Man stops being a unique, a sole creature, born after an extraordinary event.
This theory about which  Dirac thought, disagrees with the way we, men of christian civilisation, see the world.

Let us say, as an example, that...
The  "Big Bang" theory is also a christian one. In that theory, all the world was born during a magic in genesis!
After that God needs 15 billions years to finish to build the world instead of seven days, but it's the same scenario!.

In other religions ( bouddhism, druidism etc...) the way to see the universe is a different one.
But the majority of the XXth century scientists don't practise these religions!

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