When Evolution Theory is at a dead end...


What actually happened:

65 millions years ago, dinosaurs died, they made way for other animals, principally mammals and birds.
To take their space, to occupy their nichs, these animals have had to...evolve. New species were going to appear...

Until that point, no problem! But don't worry, it's going to take a turn for the worse!

The official explanation:

All along the times, "mutant" animals appear, that means animals with a different genetic code, changes in the DNA.
- When these changes in the DNA imply a better adaptability to the surrounds, the "mutant animal" will have lots of children! Some of these children are going to change their DNA again - it will be the second change -. When there have been enough changes...a new species appears, with lots of new features!
- When these changes in the DNA imply a lower adaptability to the surrounds, the "mutant animals" simply..disappear. The problem is that there is no trace of their existence, no observation, no bone...It's a problem, we are going to talk about it later.

It's what we've learned at school, unhappily it's wrong - and not because of any religious idea -.
We are the weak side of this hypothesis!

What's wrong in the "official" explanation:

There are nowadays, nearly 6 billions of human beings on the Earth. How many oppportunities to see these spontaneous DNA changes! but unhappily: AMONG 6 BILLIONS MEN AND WOMEN NO ONE HAVE ANY GENETIC CHANGE WHICH COULD BE THE BEGINING OF A NEW SPECIES!
The lonely human beings with a different DNA are people with Down's syndrome or men and women with genetic illness, but nowhere can we see anybody with a change in his/her genetic code, implying a possibilty to start a new species, say a long neck, a thumb differenty placed etc...

There does exist, may be ten thousand times more human beings today that there existed, say homo-erectus, or pithecanthropes. And Pithecanthrope was able to generate new species but we are...unable of such a thing!

During one century, there have been one hundred times more mammals - with us, the human beings - on the Earth than there have been during 65 millions of years. And for 65 millions of years lots of new species appeared, but today...nothing! Not even the shadow of the begining of any new species! What's happening, this is definitely not logical, is it?

Another problem is that, according to the "official theory", tens, hundreds, thousands of spontaneous mutations have to appear, aimlessly, if we want to be able to find among them the right ones! But where are the "failure" animals? Where are these animals with the "wrong" mutations? - and where are "human beings failure" too -? Where are their bones? We have no trace of them! It's a big problem for the Evolution Theory.

How to find a solution ?

Only two soluitions are available:

We have no alternative to that theory, so we cancel this hypothesis. We know such a trigger! Radio-activity is able to provoke mutations, DNA changes. Alas, we made these experiments during the XXth century.

A change of Gravity may provoke such mutations too. Either directly, a gravity change would  modify the forms of  DNA molecules; either indirectly a change of gravity  may also provoke mutation, changing radio-activty. A gravity change would modify the  Sun's size. Such a change would probably  broadcast radioactive rays.

Let's notice too that in the alternative hypothesis, the "electro-gravitational Hypothesis" we also can imagine radio-active bombardments provoked by the change of Earth's magnetic fields.

As a conclusion, let us say that the Gravity Increase which took place 65 millions years ago has had two main consequences. It killed dinosaurs and other unadapted animals, and it provoked mutations among survivors. These mutations were going to lead these species to today's animals.
( Of course other series of mutation have/had been started before and after dinosaurs' extinction due to a change of gravity or radio-active bombarments, but a slow evolution taking place each day is definitely impossible, at least among big animals. ).

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