An Alternative theory...

Did electricity kill dinosaurs?
( with Gravity's complicity )

Several theories do exist, explaining how Earth's gravity has been able to change.

One of my readers has suggested me the following hypothesis:

Suppose Earth  spining much faster than today. The centrifugal force - You know, it's this force which push you on the right side when you're in a car which is turning left! -, so, makes everything existing on Earth, lighter than today.
If such a situation existed during the Age of Dinosaurs, gravity on Earth shoud have been lighter than today!

 But there does exist a problem in this hypothesis: The reduction of gravity will be more important near the equator than near the poles. There will be nearly no reduction of the gravity in countries which are close to the poles. So, what about dinosaurs who used to live near the poles, in (ant)arctic countries? It's a big problem.

Another theory supposes that Earth's mass increased all along the time.
According to it, Earth's mass has increased because our planet has been accumulating dust from space. So, Earth's gravity has increased  too.
A good example of such a theory is given in our links.

These theories are not totally compatible with my hypothesis. We can explain so, why gravity on Earth is now more important than before.
But it's more difficult to explain why gravity decreased when dinosaurs appeared!

But there does exist an alternative theory explaining how gravity could have changed several times, increased or decreased, being responsible for dinosaurs' and others extinctions. In this theory G - has we define it today - does not change.



This theory seems to me the best challenger to the hypothesis explained in this site.
I think this alternative theory is totally plausible!

Recent works seem to indicate that there does exist a close relationship between gravity and electricity. Gravity may be changed by presence of electricity - see Podkletnov's experiment  and  other web sites - And we know that magnetic ( that means electric ; magnetism and electricity being two "expressions" of the same force: electro-magnetism ) field of the Earth has changed several times during our planet's history. May be the gravity on Earth has changed when magnetics' field of our planet has been reversed! Several hundreds millions years ago the magnetic field of our planet is reversed, its intensity changed. Gravity on Earth decreased. Dinosaurs, so, were able to appear. 65 millions years ago, Earth's magnetic field reversed again, its intensity changed again. As a result, Earth's gravity increased...Dinosaurs are sentenced to death....

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